Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Binder Bandwagon

I decided to hop on the binder bandwagon (can you tell I love alliteration?) to further organize various areas in the Manor.  Although we have a few binders in use, as well as a file cabinet for most of our bills and statements, I feel the urge to do more.  I mentioned in my first Office Overhaul post that we had accumulated a lot of paperwork, just in the few short weeks surrounding our move.  But beyond that, there are many times when we’ve almost missed paying a bill or spent way too much time looking for a VID (Very Important Document) because we were unorganized.  Although we now have triple the space than in our old house, I refuse to get into the habit of throwing something into a drawer or cabinet, especially paperwork, just because we can!
I had several, empty binders around from other projects over the years, and they were just collecting dust in a cabinet or drawer.  I just knew I’d be using them someday, and that someday is now!

I made a list of all the areas that I want to “binderize” within the next few weeks.
  • Household, including cleaning, family info, calendars, important dates
  • Budget
  • Recipes
  • Manuals
I’ve started working with a few of these by sorting through paperwork and either tossing, shredding, or keeping what’s absolutely necessary (or just convenient to have printed out).  That’s the first step to organizing any space—and a big one—depending on the nature of it!  I had several binders and several packs of dividers that I can reuse.  In an effort to save moolah, I plan on using things I already own to help “dress up” the binders:  washi tape, color printer, Sharpie pens, and my label maker.  Time with any of these products is good time, especially my label maker!
Check back in soon for updates on the progress!  And as always, thanks for checking out our project!

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