Monday, November 19, 2012

Easy Bow Tutorial

Christmas is here!  Well, at least it looks that way in our house.   I have the week off from work to spend with my little man, and during naps and in the evenings, I have several projects to complete for the holidays.
As I decorated one of our tables, I thought about a few tips I learned over the years for tying bows and wanted to share one with you.  My favorite is a very basic one that works well with almost any size of ribbon.

1. Start with wired ribbon, which I prefer to use since it can be bent or curled easily.  Cut the ribbon to the size you need, depending on where you're using it.  In this case, it's going on a small package, so I cut about 2 feet.
2. Turn the ribbon on it's side, with the inside facing towards you. Bend the ribbon to make an "M" shape.
3. Take the left loop and bring it over the right loop.
4. Pull the left loop through the hole, like you would do when tying a shoe.
5. Pull the loop through and pull tight to secure.
6. Adjust the loop and the strands until the bow looks pretty and fluffy. This is where the wired ribbon really makes a difference because it's easy to manipulate.

7. Now for the dove tail. Take the end of the bow and bend it in half, with the outside facing you.


8. Cut the ends at a diagonal. The farther the diagonal, the more defined the dove tail.


9. Adjust the bow ends. I like to bend them a little so that the tail is pointing up and out.
10. Secure the bow to your package, or to whatever you're using it to decorate.

There you have it! An easy bow for your holiday decorations that's versatile for any occasion.
Thanks for checking out our project!



  1. Great tutorial! I tie my bows like this too.

    It's possible that I may be blind because I didn't see Channing...

  2. He's near the end of the post! He gave it a "thumbs up" :)


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