Monday, December 17, 2012

DSLR Fund: Exciting News!

This is one of the most exciting posts I've written yet on this blog.  I am beyond excited to announce that I am the proud, new owner of a brand new DSLR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This deserves a million exclamation points, but there's not enough room.  Actually there probably is, but who really wants to see that?!  You get the point by my 20 above.  Yes, I counted them.

Anywho, I told my hubs about my little fund a few weeks ago, and he has asked a few times what brands I was researching.  He had asked a lot more about it lately, but I thought nothing about it because we had previously discussed that we were not doing any Christmas gifts for each other.  Period.  We like to try and focus this time on Ian (our son, for those of you who may be reading for the first time), but we occasionally surprise each other with a little something.

I came home Friday night and was showing him some gifts I had bought for our extended family, and he interrupted me with this conversation:

Hubs:  I want to tell you something, and I don't want you to say anything back.

Me:  Uh-oh, am I in trouble?

I was kind of joking, but I really didn't know what was about to come out. 

Hubs:  I wanna do something for you.  I was going to surprise you with a new camera for Christmas, but I know you've been looking at several different kinds and want you to pick it out yourself.

Me:  But we said we weren't...

Hubs:  This is not for Christmas.  This is "just because."

Tears immediately filled my eyes (not even kidding--I had already been crying that day from hearing of the happenings in CT).

Hubs:  There is a package deal at a store I found this week, and we can go and tonight or in the morning.

So of course we took off to the store that instant!!  Here's what we got:

Canon T4I
Additional lens (55-250 mm)
Memory Card
Bag for all the goodies
Tripod (not pictured)

The store where we bought it didn't have the camera in stock that night, so we had to wait until the next afternoon to pick it up from a different one.  My company's Christmas party was that night, and we had splurged on a hotel for the night (same hotel as the party).  There was no way I was leaving my new baby at home on its first night, so I took it with us and took some pics that night around our room.  I only played around with a few settings, but I already love what I see!

Enjoying a pre-party cocktail.  Notice the gorgeous window treatments and chair behind me (pardon the clothes).

Pics of some of my stuff.  I know it's corny, but I was excited, okay?!

Down the hallway at our hotel.

Isn't this wallpaper amazing?!

My party attire.

My spiffy hubs.

Of course I couldn't WAIT to get home and start photographing around the Manor!  We went to pick up our son from my in-laws, and I suppose Ian automatically thought that because mommy got a new camera, this one was now his.  He took pics with it all weekend!

Notice Bailey in the background, waiting for handouts.

"Did you say camera or cookie?"

Even Bailey was intrigued.  I think he was just wondering why this new thing was in his face all day.

Sweet, sleepy puppy.

We are so happy and impressed with our new camera!  We have a lot of events coming up in the next few weeks, so I'll now have a way to capture it so much better than before.  I would love to take a class or something to help me understand more of the features; but until then, I'll enjoy snapping away at anything and everything!  I have THE BEST husband!!



  1. Major props to your husband for that one! That's so awesome!! And that hotel looks amazing - that wallpaper is incredible!

    1. Thanks! It was so unexpected. And the hotel is amazing! It's in the Westin family, and it's from the early 1900's--completely renovated with new technology but keeping with the 1920's elegance and charm. GOR.GEOUS


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