Monday, February 25, 2013

Office Overhaul: FINISHED!!

I am breathing a major sigh of relief that our office cove is done!  I've shared the progress for this space, which you can see by clicking in the links within the body or at the bottom of the post.  If you've been following along you've already seen it, but for newbies—welcome!   This space makes me, as Phil on Duck Dynasty says, “Happy, Happy, Happy”!  We love that show, especially Jase and Si.  I digress.

“Before” shots of the cove.  I promise I did nothing before shooting these pics.  It was that bad.  The sad part is that it stayed this way for a few weeks while we moved.

I explained in the Intro that we have limited space in this area, but after cleaning out our file cabinet and desk and after moving all my crafting items down to the guest room closet (can’t WAIT to tackle that space), I was surprised with how much room was left.  You can find the details of the sorting phase on this post.

And now the “after”.  Can you guess my favorite color?  You could say our office has the blues :)

The desk isn't large, but it fits perfectly in the space.  The items we use the most reside in and on it:  laptop, printer, calculator, stationary, sticky notes, extra checks, and some other office supplies.  We already owned the desk chair, which is still in almost-new condition.

I purchased this adorable blue lamp at Target for $20, and I was all but dancing down the aisles when I spotted it!  The shade is white with floral inside, so it looks like this when lit.

It’s kind of vintage—don’t you think?  It doesn't give off a lot of light, but it works just fine in the cove since the ceiling is sloped.

This picture was given to me back in college by my mom, who was a victim of my morning mood for many years.  Maybe that’s when my love for color blue began?

The bright blue boxes are from the Martha Stewart Collection at Staples, and they hold regular computer paper and white cardstock (used weekly).

The file cabinet rests on the floor beside the desk, which is almost hidden at a quick glance but still easily accessible.  You can see how we utilize it to its full potential here.  Maybe one of these days I’ll “pretty it up”, but for now it’s purely functional.

The boxes on top are also Martha Stewart, and they hold magazines and action items that come up from our Command Center.  The vertical file folders in the action items box are, what else--Martha Stewart!   Labels {from my label maker} identify the contents and help to keep incoming papers organized.

The bookcase holds the Storage Box, mason jars with writing utensils, most of our binders, some truck catalogs, smaller books, and boxes for labels and sheet protectors.

That’s it, folks!   We packed a lot into this area, but it all is organized and functional for our needs.  The way we can keep it this way is to file papers immediately, to put everything back in its place, and to not buy more things we don’t need.

What do you think of our cove?  Do you have any favorite tips for offices, or just small spaces in general, to share?

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Thanks for checking out our space!

Note:  I played with some setting on my DSLR to try and get the best pictures for this space.  Considering there is zero natural light, it was quite a challenge.  I tried my best, and I hope to get better and better with it as time passes!

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  1. Love love love that lamp!! You did a great job with your office space. I also love the blue, it really brings touches of fun to the space!


    1. Thanks Ida! The lamp is my favorite accessory in the space. Reason #10,231 why I love Target :)

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  3. This looks so great! A little organization can make any small space look better! Would you mind if I reference this post in one of my posts later this week? Email me at


  4. Wow! What a great transformation! I definitely need to start organizing my office as well, so I'm sure I'll be stealing some of your ideas! If you're interested in organization, you might like two of my fav YouTube channels : OrganizedJen and AtHomeWithNikki ! New follower from Thee Networking Blog Hop- can't wait to catch up on your posts :)

    1. Thanks Ashley, I'll have to check that out!

  5. It looks so good! Love it. Just found you though the blog hop.
    Almost Endearing

  6. Its looks great! Just found your site, browsing the WWW. lol

    1. Thanks Pam! Hope you'll continue to follow along!


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